Uncover root causes of stress and pain & bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit

Can be used to treat: 

  • Chronic pain, chronic stress

  • Headaches, migraines, TMJ

  • Depression, anxiety, insomnia


  • Trauma, PTSD

  • Digestive issues

  • Asthma and other respiratory issues

  • Muscular disorders

  • Occasional aches, pains and stress

What is CranioSacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle but profound healing form which assists the body's natural capacity for self repair. The therapist uses light touch to calm the nervous system, identify and release blockages in the body, uncover root causes of stress and pain, and bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit. 

It's subtle nature is surprisingly effective and gentle enough for infants, pregnant women, those with severe conditions and seniors.

What To Expect from a CST Session 

  • Wear comfortable clothes and minimal jewelry

  • CST is done on a massage table, fully clothed, with shoes removed

  • You'll lie on your back most of the session, unless otherwise indicated

  • CST is a whole body healing practice, work will be done from head to toe

  • Typically sessions begin at the feet and continue depending on where the body needs attention 

  • Gentle touch and holds are used to sense and release energy blocks and physical tension

  • Clients typically experience very deep relaxation and feel they are in a meditative or lucid dream state, often clients fall asleep at certain points in the session

  • Occasionally emotional release or strong physical sensations may occur during a session, while this can be an intense experience, your therapist will guide you through and ensure you are taken care of. Remember the body and mind only releases what it is ready and able to handle

  • Sessions can be done in silence or while talking through your experiences with your therapist. Dialouge can be very effective in exploring the body and finding the root of pain and discomfort, that physical bodywork alone cannot access

  • In the following 24-72 hours after your session, be sure to stay hydrated and notice any differences in the body, mood, sleep etc...check in with your therapist to report how you are feeling

  • Typically clients feel a deep sense of calm after sessions, which may last for a few days or longer.

  • Physical tension is often greatly relieved after just one session. However, it may take a few sessions to reach a clients wellness goals, depending on how how pervasive pain, tension and discomfort reside


Danielle G, Yorkville

I recently had my first Cranio Sacral therapy with Erin and it was incredible! She quickly identified some old physical traumas that that I didn’t even know were still having an effect on me. I felt energy moving in ways I had not felt before as she worked on each area... I highly recommend her to anyone looking for holistic healing and to improve their whole body health and performance.

Emi Y, Brooklyn

I had no expectations for my first craniosacral session and simply went into it with an open mind. Erin was so in sync with my body and energy that at times I was almost unaware of her touch… If you have been searching for a genuine healing experience look no further. Erin will leave you feeling wholly rejuvenated.

Kate R, Brooklyn

Erin’s hands respond to my body’s needs in such a way that I feel fully able to release. The experience of being held by her is one of true restoration on a subtle level. When I leave her table I feel clarity and resonance deep in my bones. Perhaps Erin’s greatest gift as a practitioner is her presence and ability to remain grounded as she guides her clients towards ease.

About Erin Oglesby

Erin has completed advanced CranioSacral Therapy training with Dr. Ron Wish at the Great River Craniosacral Therapy Institute. She also trains with Dr. Carol Phillips in the CranioSacral Therapy techniques of Dynamic Body Balancing and Myofascial Unwinding, focusing on pregnant women, infants and children. In addition Erin in a certified yoga teacher (200hr) from Yoga To The People in San Francisco, CA, and has completed yoga teacher trainings with Tari Prinster of Yoga4Cancer (y4c) and Ana Forest of Forest Yoga.

Erin is an intuitive healer, bodyworker and guide. With compassion and focus she is able to tap into the natural rhythms of the body and assist them into deep harmony with one another. Erin has a passion for helping her clients align body, mind and spirt and release tension and trauma through gentle touch, connection to breath, imagery and dialoguing.

Erin has a masters degree in public policy and has worked for humanitarian and women's rights organizations. She has experience working with various populations such as cancer survivors, international refugees, trauma and abuse survivors, those struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders and mental illness.

CranioSacral Therapy
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