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  • Energy Healing has been practiced for thousands of years and is based on scientific principles
  • Shamanic Healing isn't only for Spiritual and/or religious people.
  • Shamanic Healing is meant to complement any course of treatment your medical doctors have recommended. 
  • Energy Healing helps you CREATE higher vibrations, also known as "good vibes".
  • You can maintain your Energetic health at home. Energy cleansing is a practice... much like brushing your teeth.
What is a shamanic guidance session like?
Each session is different for each person based on the souls willingness to shift their energetic field. However, the techniques used in each session are all grounded in Ancient Shamanic teachings in both the eastern and western hemisphere.
Shamans use soul retrieval techniques. When something frightens someone, their soul can split off, or fragment, into pieces. This is what happens during an out-of-body experience, part of someone’s soul actually leaves their body, and is outside it, watching what is going on.
What is a shaman?
A shaman is a healer who journeys, at will, between worlds using the power, wisdom and energies of those worlds to create positive change in people and the environment that they inhabit. By forging working relationships with Spirits, animals and plant life, the ancestors offer remedies to bring relief to the living. It is the Shaman's duty to be of service to community and to learn to walk the unseen planes, where most ailments begin. Shamans are part healers, part teachers and part spiritual guides. A Shaman will assist you in clearing out energies and blocks that keep you from feeling connected to the world around you. Their work helps bring people into balance with themselves, each other and the Earth. Shaman's help you transform your current life experience and navigate the process of change at an energetic and cellular level.
Working with a Shaman will provide a blueprint for your souls journey this time on Earth and allow you to see the things that are keeping you from achieving your best life. Energetic blocks are not seen by the 5-sensory human.. so Shamans use their gift to travel on behalf of the client to unseen realms for intense soul healing.
Totem Animal Retrieval, Past Life Healing, Chakra Illumination and Shamanic Extraction:
These techniques are available to heal the soul. I may work with stones, Angel cards, with the breath, with Aura Soma essence or with crystals. Sometimes I get clients to participate in their healing process so that they recognize what the emotions are, honor them for the life lessons that they brought, and release them with grace and beauty as they no longer serve.
Past Life Healing
If you have any past-life issues that echo in your energy field we can remove them in an Energy Healing session. I look at clearing Karmic debt, vows of suffering, poverty and chastity, fears around specific objects/animals depending on what is needed. Each session is different and unique to the client and the situation.
Aura Cleansing
This is a technique from Seichem which is Shamanic in it’s nature. The Aura is removed so deeper healing can take place, and the Aura is cleansed removing any affinity for specific detrimental patterns such as bullying, abuse, addiction. Sometimes additional Psychotherapy sessions are required to help re-train the brain to ensure the patterns do not return.
  • Virtual Sessions will take place over phone or video chat - whichever is most convenient for the client.
  • A session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours.
  • When appropriate, the Shaman will share the healing information received specifically for you from the Spirit guides.
  • If you would like to record this information, you are welcome to do so. You can also keep a journal to take notes.
  • All work is strictly confidential.
  • You might feel one or all of the following during the session: a warming sensation or a tingling, an emotional release, the actual energy itself flowing through and/or around your body. Please keep in mind that there have been times when the energy being channeled by the Shaman can feel very intense, please always feel free to let the Shaman know if you need to take a break.
Meet Kam Ridley, Sacred Shaman

Like most adults, I've been to my fair share of talk therapy sessions. Yes, I sat on the couch and spilled the messy details of my life, often in a ball of tears, praying the counselor would have words to ease my pain. Then a friend suggested I work with an Energy Healer. That is when my life transformed from the inside out and sparked my desire to become a practitioner. 

I'm often met with a healthy dose of skepticism... much like when you tell friends you're going to lay in a tank of salt water and float for therapy. In spite of the skepticism, I still challenge people to give it a try. Breaking through energy blocks stimulates the body's ability to heal itself. Imagine that.. a total DNA reboot to the REAL YOU.


Since being released from her own trauma, Kam has vowed to share this gift, pledging to help shift energy of those who seek her help. Kam incorporates Shamanic Energy healing and card readings to clear the emotional pain and heavy energy that gets in the way from manifesting your earthly desires.

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