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Breathwork is a simple, yet powerful ancient practice. Through an active cycle of breathing, you will return to your home frequency–deeply connecting to your innate wisdom & joy.


Breathwork offers you the chance for personal growth & expansion by connecting you deeper to mind, body, and spirit. Through this active circular breathing, you will find yourself in a deeply meditative state where you will be able to disconnect from your conscious mind and connect deeper to your home frequency–your essence. During each session, you will move dense energy and stuck emotions out of your body, energetically creating space and activating a sense of peace & wholeness.

Breathwork will leave you feeling euphoric, aligned to your true nature, simultaneously calm and energized, and able to observe life situations with clarity.



Each session is led by our practitioner with intuition & heart.

• Dress comfortably for your session, as you will be lying down. 
• It is advised to not be overly caffeinated or full during the session.
• Hydrate before.
• Come with an open mind & open heart ready for expansion.

Guests are greeted by our concierge and guided to the lounge area, where you will be met by our Breathwork Practitioner. There will be plenty of time to review the breathing technique and discuss impact and benefits of breathwork before your session begins. Our practitioner will want to understand where you are on your journey to best guide/coach you through the session, therefore we encourage you to share personal intentions & ask questions.

Our practitioner will use music, sound healing, crystals, incense, and essential oils to evoke all your senses during the session. Again, the session is done lying down and you will be guided/coached through the entire practice.

Each session is customized and involves: warm up, active breathing, cool down. 

Warm-Up: Time to get comfortable, clear your mind, and ground into the space.
Active Breathing: You will be guided into a three-part breath.. two inhales & one exhale, breathing deeply with your diaphragm and abdominals. Now, this may sound like hard work but the body eventually stabilizes and feels completely normal. In this state, you will be coached to connect to your heart and intentions initially set with the practitioner.
Cool-Down: This is the time to allow the work and body to harmonize. You will slowly integrate back into time and space while accompanied by sound healing (crystal singing bowls).​

When the session concludes, our practitioner will leave time to discuss the experience and answer any questions. It is our recommendation to follow the session with lots of water and a nourishing, grounding meal.

Take time to journal and reflect on the experience.
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