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Our special anti-inflammatory oil brings the extra touch to deepen your intentions and provide an even more profound layer of relief and comfort.


Traditional Swedish massage uses direct contact with long, flowing strokes and varied pressure to stimulate the flow of beneficial blood and oxygen to the tissues and muscles of the body. The service can be entirely customized to incorporate deeper, therapeutic techniques with the intention of reducing muscle soreness, inflammation, and everyday knots. Our massage therapist also specializes in Sports massage therapy and Deep tissue massage.


Massage therapy is beneficial to every system of the body. At its most basic form, it’s a great way to escape the world and have the aches and pains of everyday life be tended to and supported. Additionally, massage is anti-inflammatory, increases the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body, and decreases cortisol, the stress hormone.

The Inflammation Issue:

Our massage contains naturally anti-inflammatory proponents such as menthol, camphor, essential oils. They all have been shown to be beneficial for many issues we all face, including brain fog, anxiety, autoimmune issues, skin infections, and much more. When used topically, these oils are absorbed quicker, making massage an excellent way to ease the symptoms of pain and discomfort.


Being one of the only practices with direct one-on-one contact from the practitioner to the client, massage requires effective communication. Expect to discuss any issues and problem areas in advance with your therapist, and an effective treatment plan can be established. Guests will have a moment to change in private and get comfortable on the table in between the sheets. Guests have control over all variables including but not limited to; music, lighting, pressure, and table temperature. Be sure to communicate in order to get the best experience possible.


While we do our best to provide everything that you will need during and after your treatment, you may want to bring some items that will add to your comfort and relaxation.

Here are some items you may want to bring:

  • Comfortable clothing

Guests have the option of completely disrobing or remaining in their underwear. It is advised to bring clothing that allows a quick changing process. Avoid wearing any jewelry, as it interferes with the massage.


  • Hair tie

To avoid getting any cream around your hair, it is best to bring a hair clip or tie if necessary to keep your hair out of the way.

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