Inspired by the sun, this effective natural therapy works to relax the muscles, detox the body, and purify the skin.


Our sauna delivers infrared therapies that reach every part of your body with constant gentle heat to expel toxins. In an infrared sauna, it is about more than just sweating - it's a quiet place to relax, reflect, and focus on you. 
Every minute counts when you are in an infrared sauna. Which means that you get to experience the health benefits faster and the treatments are more effective than those found using a traditional sauna. Some of the clinically backed therapeutic effects of using an infrared sauna are reducing stress, relieving pain, shrinking belly fat, purifying the skin, improve skin tone, boosting the immune system, reducing wrinkles, stimulating collagen production, and increasing energy. Infrared saunas also work to remove harmful impurities, waste, toxins, and heavy metals from fat cells that are found deep within the body.


Our newest, larger infrared sauna is the perfect place to detox in style, whether alone or with friends and family. In this sauna:
  • You can enjoy it with up to 2 additional people, or on your own.



Our infrared sauna features LED color light therapy, also known as chromotherapy. Color light therapy is a system of alternative medicine that uses projected colored light to treat emotional and mental imbalances.

Our mPulse infrared sauna uses Solocarbon 3-in-1 smart technology that has been proven effective and allows you to completely customize your session. With an LCD touch-screen control panel, customizable heaters, and preset health programs, you'll be able to receive maximum benefits in less time. Solocarbon 3-in-1 full spectrum technology delivers near, mid, and far-infrared wavelengths at a consistent output. Near-infrared is the shortest infrared wavelength and promotes cellular health, skin renewal, and tissue growth. When this wavelength is pulsed, it can travel deeper into the body's tissues. Mid-infrared is a longer wavelength, able to penetrate the body's soft tissues and speed up the natural healing process. Far infrared, the longest wavelength, reaches the deepest parts of the body where toxins are stored. Between these three wavelengths, you will be able to target your health needs effectively.
Learn about the benefits of the different chromotherapy colors:​​
Each session is customized according to your needs:
Most people use the towels we provide to sit on or drape over their body while in the sauna. However, we do give guests the option of wearing their bathing suits. We also recommend bringing loose or comfortable clothing to change into after your session.
Guests are greeted by our concierge, invited to slip into a comfortable pair of slippers, and guided to our reception area to unwind before their session.
First-time guests will be asked to fill out and sign a Client Intake Form. One of our staff members will then review your answers, invite you to share any discomforts you are currently experiencing, and answer any questions you may have.
One of our team members will lead you upstairs to our infrared sauna room. First-time guests will get a brief walk-through of the room and be introduced to infrared sauna therapy and if desired, color light therapy. Our staff will make sure that you are completely comfortable before starting your session and will help you to select your desired results on our LCD touch-screen control pane. Choose from Detoxification, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Relaxation, Cardiovascular, Pain Relief, or Custom. When you are ready, you can undress or put your bathing suit on.
Carefully open the infrared sauna door and step inside closing the door behind you.
Place a towel down on the seat. Sit down, exhale and let your body relax. 
When your session is over, exit the infrared sauna closing the door behind you. 
Guests are invited to drink a cup of alkaline Kangen water in our upstairs lounge looking over the beautiful marina. Relax, meditate and take in the experience.
pre-booking is required

Jen G.

" The infrared sauna provides a much deeper sweat than a regular sauna. It is actually known to raise your core temperature, which aids in weight loss, improved skin texture and serious cellular detox. 
I can't recommend this spot enough! It is immaculately clean and the staff is super friendly. "

Harish G.

" I tried the Infrared Sauna which was great. It is very different from the regular Sauna. It really feels like you are sweating from the inside out and releasing toxins. Felt very refreshed and I slept great that night. "

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