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To contribute to the health of our community and the planet through affordable, effective, holistic services.
Om is a sacred sound representing the beginning of creation. Our logo, the ensō, is a universal symbol of wholeness and represents spiritual enlightenment. We write as all lower-case letters to remind us to live without ego and that we are here to serve. Being healthy on every level of one's being is a lifestyle, so we created - for you, for us, for everyone.
Our wellness sanctuary brings everything that we are passionate about - ancient knowledge, holistic health, biohacking, modern technology, green living, and spiritual wellness - together in one place. We combined all these things to create the first wellness spa on the East Coast that offers our unique combination of services.
We've assembled a team that embodies's mission on every level. Their combined skills in various forms of martial arts, energy healing/reiki, healthy nutrition, journalism, authoring books, massage therapy, graphic design & beauty product formulation make their contribution to invaluable and our business gets better each day with their presence. A big shout out to our rock star team members for representing our brand in the most positive light. Get to know us when you visit. We are here to support you in your desire to level up your life!
We believe that health, beauty, and wellness are created through living a lifestyle that is pro-active. We also believe that health is personal. Which is why we use a heart-centered approach and address the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. We only recommend treatments and products that we love and have experienced ourselves firsthand. We value your time and your trust. And look forward to walking this journey together.
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