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Using the latest technology and looking for new ways to think green are the driving forces behind what we do. We are committed to respecting the planet and strive to be on the forefront of global wellness trends that have a positive impact on people and the earth.
Our green business practices:
During the day, soft light from the sun illuminates and warms our sanctuary.
At night, we use LED lights, synced with the body's natural circadian rhythms promoting a healthy sleep-wake cycle.
The dimmers on all of our light switches save on energy consumption and work to create a relaxing environment.
Our Phillips Hue "Color Therapy Smart Lights" enhance our space, treatments, mood, and well-being.
The ocean-like environment from the Epsom salt water in our floatation area purifies the air throughout our space.
Negatively charged ions from the Epsom salt accelerate the body's ability to absorb oxygen and promotes healthy breathing.
Epsom salt water air aides with respiratory challenges by decreasing sinus pressure and reducing coughing.
Our state of the art HVAC system, including the Outside Air Unit, brings in fresh air from the outside, 6 times per hour.
We use OAU filters that create the ideal room temperature and the cleanest air you can imagine.
We use low and VOC-free paints to create a healthy interior environment.
Our "smart technology" heating & cooling system receives local weather reports and adjusts its settings to reduce energy.
Because we love water, we opted for a cutting-edge filtration system that removes all heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine.
Our showers are free of harmful chemicals, metals, and toxins.
Our WaterSense toilets use 20% less water than standard toilets.
Our Kangen Water technology not only filters tap water but creates alkaline, antioxidant, and micro-clustered water.
All of our beverages served at our tea bar are made with alkaline Kangen Water.
We serve our beverages in double insulated glass cups.
Our treatment rooms are double-walled creating a sound-proof environment so you can enjoy your treatments in silence.
We used green glue acoustical compound between two layers of sheetrock to create each wall of our treatment rooms.
To construct our sanctuary, we opted for steel framing rather than using wood to reduce any noise.
The BATTS insulation throughout our space reduces sound and vibration coming in from the outside.
We have a high-density structural concrete sub-floor in our mezzanine for sound reduction.
Our floatation therapy rooms use sound reduction mats that are placed under each tank to reduce any vibration.
We have a no-cell-phone policy to give everyone the chance to detox from digital devices and wi-fi radiation.
Our shampoos, conditioners, and body wash products are plant-based, cruelty-free and certified USDA organic.
We use therapeutic-grade doTERRA essential oils.
The flooring in our floatation area is made from 100% recycled rubber.
All of our beverages served at our tea bar are made from organic non-GMO ingredients.
We use Green Earth Eco Towels which are softer, more absorbent and require fewer resources when being laundered.
Our laundry detergents and hand soaps are made from pure ingredients.
We always opt for natural cleaning products when possible while meeting state laws and sterilization regulations.
To save trees and reduce waste, we chose to go digital and email our guests their receipts.
Many of our team members and guests walk or take public transportation to
Our green networks:
The Green Spa Network is a community of people who are leading the way to transform the spa industry to be more efficient, sustainable, and earth-friendly. We are a proud member of their network and work with them to promote the natural connections between wellness, economic sustainability, and the health of our planet. 
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