Combination of Hypnosis and Therapeutic Intervention allowing you to release limiting beliefs and dis-empowering behavior.


Our hypnosis treatment deals with reprogramming the subconscious mind which controls most of our beliefs and behaviors. Through a series of relaxation techniques, a client is induced into a hypnotic state. Then the reprogramming begins through a journey of visualizations and carefully curated suggestions. This combination of hypnosis and therapeutic intervention allows the client to overcome limiting beliefs to achieve true success in any area of life.


Each session is customized according to your needs:
An open mind!
Guests are greeted by our concierge, invited to slip into a comfortable pair of slippers, and guided to our lounge area to unwind before their session if time permits. First-time guests will be asked to fill out and sign a Hypnotherapy Form prior to the appointment. Our Hypnotherapist will then review your answers, & during the session invite you to share any discomforts you are currently experiencing, and answer any questions you may have. 
The Hypnotherapist will bring you to the treatment room. Our hypnotherapist will make sure that you are completely comfortable before starting your session.
Each session differs ever so slightly as each person is unique. All first time sessions will remain similar in structure. The therapist and client introduce themselves, the therapist asks a few questions to better understand the intention for the meeting, then the therapist ensures that you have a very clear understanding of what hypnosis is and what it is not. After the introduction, the interview portion begins. This interview lets the therapist know everything necessary for helping the client. After the interview, subconscious experiments are performed. Finally, the therapy portion begins as our therapist induces you into a hypnotic state and proceeds with a typical session. 
There will be time to have a post-session conversation. After the session, we recommend that guests enjoy the walkway along the beautiful marina and continue to take in the experience. 


Our Hypnotherapist takes on a rather realistic yet metaphysical approach to the following programs. Each program ranges from 3-4 sessions. Kindly complete the Hypnotherapy Assessment beforehand to see if you qualify for treatment.

Attract Abundance

This program is designed to help you identify what is blocking you from what it is that you want, overcome limiting beliefs & unhelpful habits/behavior, and finally open yourself up on a subconscious level to receiving and believing you deserve all that you desire. The metaphysical meets reality!

Release Anxiety/Heavy Emotions

This program is designed to help you get to the root of your anxiety, develop new approaches to managing your anxiety, and experience a major shift in your mindset through subconscious programming. 

Tap into Self-Love

This program is designed to help you uncover the self-love you need in order to have a balanced and harmonious life. We will focus on setting boundaries, accepting yourself completely, and implementing new practices into your life through hypnotherapy and other therapeutic techniques

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It's time to invest in your mind...
One size does NOT fit all. Violet's approach is focused on embracing the uniqueness of each client. By filling out a detailed form below, she will tailor a program to your needs. It takes about 21 days to form a habit, because of that, her programs range from 3-4 sessions so that you experience true lasting results. Once you complete the form, she will reply back to you within 48 hours with your custom program.
Kindly answer the questions with as much detail as you can.


Violet Garritano is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified through the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners. Being fascinated with the potential of the human mind her whole life, she came to learn her mission was to empower other people in creating the life they want simply by using the power of their subconscious mind. She greatly values Self Transformation and believes what makes this practice effective is how it empowers people. Hypnotherapy allows the client to take their personal power back disregarding their childhood or the “whys'' and “buts'' which she believes only serve as limits. She helps people of different ages with a myriad of issues and came to realize that no single approach is right for everyone, as each person is unique. Tailoring sessions to the individual is necessary for achieving great results.


I did not know what to experience from a Hypnotherapy session but I knew I needed a change in a specific area of my life. Violet took time to discuss any concerns or questions and set up expectations for the session. Working with her was comfortable and natural. Since the experience everyday has been different. Not only did the perspective I was targeting change, but I have been experiencing so much happiness and clarity in my daily life and interactions with others. I don't know what I would have done without this fresh approach to life I have thanks to my session with Violet. I'm so glad I allowed myself to be open and vulnerable to the whole experience. 

- Amy H.

My very first hypnotherapy group session was on a successful mindset. It felt like life was at a standstill I was a marijuana smoker for about 35 years and one of my main intentions was to stop. Violet took me on a beautiful and at times emotional journey into my subconscious mind, rewiring my way of thinking. With just that one session, incredibly, I stopped smoking which in turn helps me to have more money, feel healthier, and more energetic being able to spend precious time with my family and that sounds like a success mindset to me, thank you.

- Nelson M.

I can not fully express my joy and gratitude for the help that I received from hypnotherapy with Violet. She has helped me overcome obstacles of limiting beliefs and expanded my perception of self love during her one-on-one and group sessions.  She is present and intently listens to me while I express myself and then creates a healing space for me to venture into my subconscious to experience the indescribable internal universe where I am free to face, forgive and love that which serves me and requires attention. I can not thank her enough for her support and I encourage everyone to contact her to experience the incredible power of hypnotherapy. Thank you Violet. 

- Matteo F.

pre-booking is required