Enhance the quality of your life with ionized alkaline Kangen water technology. 
With Kangen innovative water technology, you can create safe water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, gardening, pet care, personal care, and beauty. The Kangen system not only filters water but you can also create ionized alkaline and acidic waters depending on your needs.
Because we believe that everyone should have access to the cleanest water on the planet, we offer a free two-week supply to each of our guests. Purchase one of our BPA-free 5L water bags, and we will give you one gallon of drinking water per day for 14 days. If you love Kangen water as much as we do, we will gladly share with you how you can get this modern technology for your home. Offer is valid one per guest.
In 2004, Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, discovered that thoughts, words, and feelings can impact the formation of water crystals. He found that water exposed to loving words showed brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns.
The human body is made up of 70% water. The importance of water for our health cannot be overstated - it's essential. What's less well-known is that certain types of water are better for our bodies than others. Kangen technology supports a green lifestyle and gives you cleaner choices for the kitchen, home, and garden.
The Kangen water system removes harmful chemicals, chlorine, and fluoride from tap water and creates ionized alkaline drinking water. Drinking ionized alkaline water has multiple health and beauty benefits, including more youthful looking skin, staying hydrated, and maintaining a balanced body pH. Kangen water can also be used to remove pesticides, herbicides, hormones, and bacteria off of fruits and vegetables. Unlike most filtration systems, Kangen water keeps naturally occuring minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium intact. This multi-purpose machine can also be used to create eco-friendly cleaning products for your home and is safe for everyday use. 
Each session is customized according to your needs:
After your treatment, one of our team members will lead you to our lounge where you can comfortably watch a short informational video about the Kangen water system.
Guests will get a brief introduction to Kangen water. One of our staff members will then review your Client Intake Form, invite you to share any discomforts you are currently experiencing, and answer any questions you may have. We will make sure that you are completely comfortable before starting your 14-day trial.
One of our team members will fill your purchased BPA-free 5L water bag with Kangen water for you to take home.
We will give you one gallon of drinking water per day for 14 days. If you love Kangen water as much as we do, we will gladly share with you how you can get this modern technology for your home. 
While we do our best to provide everything that you will need, you may want to bring some of your own items.
Here are some items you may want to bring:
Guests who have redeemed their complimentary 14-day trial of Kangen water should bring their BPA-free 5L water bags for a refill each day. Refills are limited to 1 gallon per day.
pre-booking is required
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