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Refreshing, cold that awakens your body's natural healing abilities.


Whole body cryotherapy is a non-invasive cooling treatment that activates the nervous system so your body can do what it does best: recover, repair, and restore. This therapy uses dry cold and exposes the body to temperatures between -249°F -321°F for 3 minutes. When the body is surrounded by dry cool nitrogen, the skin sends a signal to the brain that promotes the blood to rush back to vital organs.
This causes the blood to circulate, flushing out unwanted toxins and enriching it with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. The term cryotherapy comes from the Greek words cryo meaning "cold" and therapy meaning "cure." At the end of the 2-3 minute treatment, the body slowly begins to raise its core temperature back to normal and nutrient-rich blood recirculates back out to the hands and feet.


Many world-class athletes and celebrities praise whole body cryotherapy. It immediately elevates the body's physical performance and contributes to your overall well-being by inducing responses from the circulatory system, nervous system, and energy meridians. Clinical studies have shown that cryotherapy effectively treats chronic pain, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and dermatitis. 

Some of the most well-known health benefits are an increase in energy, a decrease in muscle soreness, recovery acceleration, improvement in performance, and immune system support. Whole Body Cryotherapy also has beauty benefits such as:

  • increased collagen production

  • cellulite reduction

  • accelerated metabolism


Each session is customized according to your needs:

We recommend that women wear a bra or bathing suit top and cotton underwear. Men are advised to wear cotton tight briefs or boxer briefs. Please make sure that your undergarments to do not contain any metal.

Guests are greeted by our concierge, invited to slip into a comfortable pair of slippers, and guided to our reception area to unwind before their session.

First-time guests will be asked to fill out and sign a Client Intake Form. One of our technicians will then review your answers, invite you to share any discomforts you are currently experiencing, and answer any questions you may have. We require that all guests have their blood pressure taken before receiving any cryotherapy treatments.

The technician will lead you into our cryotherapy room. First-time guests will be introduced to whole body cryotherapy and get a brief walk-through of the treatment. Our technician will make sure that you are completely comfortable before starting your session.

In privacy, guests are asked to remove their clothes, leaving only their underwear or bathing suit on. All guests are provided socks and gloves to wear in the cryosauna.

When you are ready, step into the cryosauna and press the call button. 

The technician will come into the room, raise you up so your head is above the chamber, and start your treatment. You will feel 40 seconds of heat followed by 2-3 minutes of -240°F freezing cold air.

After your treatment, the technician will lower you down so that you can exit the cryosauna safely. Guests are given complete privacy to change.

We recommend that guests enjoy the walkway along the beautiful marina and continue to take in the experience. 
whole body cryo, whole body cryotherapy, cryotherapy, cryo chamber
whole body cryo, whole body cryotherapy, cryotherapy, cryo chamber
Nestor T.jpg

“The cryotherapy I am very new too but already feeling how good it is for my body to help speed up the recovery time and have my body feeling fresh.”

Nestor T.

Ice Blocks

Cold has been used throughout history to promote health. The Greeks immersed their bodies in cold bathes to enhance their beauty. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, had his patients plunge into cold water as part of their treatments.


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