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Relaxing therapies to enhance muscular and mental health.
Where ancient knowledge meets innovative technology

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The newest addition to Wellness Modern Recovery Spa. This revolutionary modality utilizes the Energy Enhancement System, combining Scalar waves and biophotonic light to create soothing frequencies that promote cell regeneration, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Be among the first to experience this cutting-edge therapy by joining our private membership and taking advantage of our special package promotions!

Wellness Services

A rejuvenating zero-gravity experience in an Epsom salt filled tank


Swedish massage using anti-inflammatory oils to soothe muscles


Guided breathing cycles that will help return you to a healing frequency

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Combining the healing benefits of an infrared sauna and cold plunge


Detoxifying experience using full-spectrum infrared heat

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A unique technology that fuses Scalar waves and biophotonic light


A combo of Hypnotherapy & Reiki to helps heal the mind, body, and spirit

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“Amazing place for all of your recovery needs. The owner Anand is very involved in the day-to-day operations and has created an awesome environment for athletes like myself to come and recover properly. Rhabdo was my original reason for getting a membership but now I have been able to see the amazing value it brings to my mind in addition to my body."

Nestor T.
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