We like to offer magazine journalists, television reporters, online bloggers, and representatives of the media a chance to experience firsthand. Our services are unique, and we are happy to host you and one friend or family member. For more information, please contact us.
Our press kit contains information about our services, green business practices, architecture, interior design, and other aspects of You can view our press kit online or download a PDF.
Here is some more information about our business:
If you are interested in filming and/or photographing, you must complete the Film & Photography Application. The application should be submitted at least five business days before the proposed date of the shoot. If you would like to film or photograph when there are no guests, Tuesdays are available (we are closed to the general public).
We have professional photos of our business and our primary services that can be used for editorial purposes. To request access to these images, please send us an email at Please include the reason for your inquiry and any important information that you would like for us to know.
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